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About Us

Helping spiritual rebels reject fear and reclaim their power

Quantum Reiki Master and Tarot Reader with experience helping spiritual rebels reject fear and reclaim their power to live authentically. We offer 30 minute and 60 minute tarot readings, as well as 30 minute and 60 minute Quantum Reiki healing sessions. All sessions are currently held over Zoom.

Our Story

Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki is an Alternative Healing business that specializes in Tarot readings and Quantum Reiki Sessions.


We exist to assist our clients in their healing journey. 


Maybe you have tried other disciplines and are not seeing results.


If you are seeking to increase your self-love, develop clarity for decision making, or to activate your Self and feel more empowered in your daily life, Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki can help.


Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki seeks to help spiritual rebels reject fear, reclaim their power, and live more authentically.


We know what it’s like to feel stuck creatively and spiritually.  We have personally been through religious indoctrination and challenging life circumstances and know that freedom is waiting on the other side of fear.

Tarot and Quantum Reiki are both powerful tools for self-exploration and healing.


Quantum Reiki is a relatively new form of Reiki that helps you to see changes in a much faster time frame. Reiki is an energy healing technique that is performed through gentle touch, or through distance healing- where no touch is required.


Tarot is a spiritual technology that is often associated with fortune telling, but also has the ability to provide helpful information through psychological and spiritual themes.


Our desire is for you to walk away from a session with a feeling of clarity, empowerment, and greater self-love.  


You can move from fearful spectator to active co-creator in your own life and have joy in the process.  Tarot and Quantum Reiki are tools that we know can help you with this healing journey.


*This is not to be construed as medical, legal, or financial advice.

About Us

Owner & Founder

Meet Elizabeth Breckenridge

Elizabeth Breckenridge is a highly intuitive and empathic healer. She has been reading tarot for years and is Thoth Tarot certified through the Tarot Mysticism Academy. She is a Certified Quantum Reiki Master who is en route to becoming a Grand Master. Elizabeth is able to hold space for others and provide them with accurate readings and deep energy work healings. She also holds an MA in English and Creative Writing, and a BA in Communications.

Do you feel like you're being held back by fear? Would you like to find your inner power so you feel confident and have clarity to move forward? I empower people and help to provide clarity and healing through the user of tarot and reiki. 

Ready to Reclaim Your Power?

Take the first step and book one of our tarot reading or reiki services today!

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